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Follow-up community gardening day at Biospheric on Friday

Blackfriars FG @ Biospheric Foundation

Friday 25th April

10.00 AM – 4.00 PM

  •     Green manures
  •     Hugelkulture beds and alley cropping
  •     Soil healing
  •     Textile plants

Hello and thanks to everybody that turned up for the community gardening day at the Biospheric Foundation three weeks ago. We had a massively productive day, and were able to replace the temporary plastic and wood chip mulch around the 40 fruit trees that were planted along the hugelkulture beds last year, with a rich sowing of green manure seeds, including white clover and kidney vetch. We also planted a screen of 200 osier along the northern perimeter, sowed 10 sq meters of flax seed for experimenting in textiles, and got on top of a scary patch of dock and grass which was threatening to take over. Read more »

Fracking, permaculture, and the Media

Permaculture hit the mainstream media this week, following the appearance of Bez (Happy Mondays) on the front line at the Barton Moss anti-fracking protest, and the police brutality and unlawful arrest of mother of four Vanda.

According to Bez, in an article in the Guardian (Mar 19th):

"The main reason I have decided to run as an independent MP for Salford and Eccles is because I've quietly been living a permaculture existence for the past three years.

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Inclusive Campaign Groups: Stronger Campaigns


Can you think of a time when you were part of a group but you 'didn't  quite fit' or found it hard to join in conversations or activities? Do  you feel like it is always the same people doing most of the work in  your group? Have you been in a group where people come a few times then drop out and nobody knows why?

Most of us have experienced these situations at some point in our  lives, it's quite normal, but it doesn't have to be this way! We are  more than capable of becoming aware of how groups operate and making  changes so they are more inclusive. In an inclusive group everybody should feel welcome, valued and able to participate and shape the group. Read more »

Northern School field trip to Hulme

There are only a few successful areas of community-led urban regeneration in the UK. On Saturday 29th March we are going to visit one of them in Hulme, just outside the centre of Manchester. The visit is organised by the Northern School of Permaculture together with Grow Gaia - it will also be a great opportuntiy to catch up with old friends from the permaculture world, and perhaps meet new ones.

Strawbale building - Clay plastering

Clay Plastering courses

Join us on our community allotment site and help us complete our strawbale community classroom whilst learning a new skill.  Clay plaster is an old technique thats almsot a lost skill although its experiencing a bit of a come back.  Its a lovely material that has many uses and in this case covering the straw on the inside on the building.  The course is run by Straw Works - the leading straw bale building experts-  and they will take us through a relaxed 3 day course covering theory and practical elements of clay. Also if youre interested in strawbale buildings they'll be open to any questions!

Tasty lunch included.

See for more info and to book.

Agriculture vs Permaculture

A short documentary on agriculture and permaculture. Exploring things like oil dependancy, the food production market, soil science and how permaculture and agriculture differ.

Made by Jack Hill for his major project at Salford University. Features interviews with local permaculturists: Angus Soutar from the Northern School, and Jules Bagnoli.



Northern School of Permaculture

PC72 Design course in Bury

Permaculture Design in practice - with the Northern School
"Made in Manchester":  a post-industrial, post-colonial future ..

The Northern School was set up in 2011 wiith the aim of providing quality training in permaculture design to the best of international standards.

Our main vehicles for this are the Permaculture Design Course and our Permaculture Diploma programme, which has the same roots as the UK Permaculture Association's diploma and the other top international permaculture diplomas. We are regulated by the Permaculture Institute of North Britain.

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